Obama Calls for Research on Video Game Violence

By on 03-04-2013

teen boy playing video gamesPresident Obama has called for the CDC to research the possible link between violence and video games at the cost of $10 million to tax payers. While some argue that this is a small price to pay to get to the root of the thousands of gun murders in the U.S. each year, others think the media plays no role in real-life homicides.

Huffington Post referenced the 2011 Supreme Court decision that cited First Amendment protection for all media, including video games. Still, in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy, the country is desperate for answers.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) says they won’t find it through video game research. Their response, published by Gamespot, argues that violent video games are played all over the world, yet gun violence remains an American problem.

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