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By on 01-27-2014

Study reveals parents' perception of educational screen timeA new study published by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center offers some valuable insight into parents’ perceptions of their children’s media use. The report, entitled Learning at Home: Families’ Educational Media Use in America, sought to uncover how much of the media today’s children are consuming has value as an educational tool. Researchers surveyed over 1500 parents of kids ages 2-10 to find out how often kids are engaging with educational media and how much they are learning from these experiences. Below are some of the study’s key findings: Read more

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By on 01-23-2014

This post first appeared on The Huffington Post Screen Sense Blog. OK, first off, let's bridge the learning gap here. Not to insult anyone's intelligence, but if you're like me, you're probably struggling to keep up with your teen's vocabulary, which is likely growing at an exponential rate and not exactly in a way that might help her ace her SATs. Thus, you may not know exactly what a "selfie" is. Lucky for us (I think), the term was Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year for 2013.Here's their definition: Read more

By on 01-20-2014

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”- Martin Luther King, Jr. At Qustodio, we talk a lot about restricting kids’ technology use. We encourage parents to monitor their children’s screen time, limit it to a reasonable daily dose, and guide young Internet users to the safest and most enriching sites on the Web. But what about those children who instead of being inundated with technology at home, don’t have access to it at all? What are they missing out on, and most importantly, what can we do about it? Read more

By on 01-09-2014

New Year's tech resolutions for the whole familyAs our lives become more and more digital, it can be challenging to strike a healthy balance between our real and virtual lives. Do yourself and your family a favor and make some digital resolutions for the coming year. Here are our suggestions for making 2014 a year for family connection. Read more

By on 01-07-2014

This week the Qustodio team is at CES, one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world. CES takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is a tradeshow where many companies announce their ground-breaking products for the year. New Smart TV’s, tablets, apps and other gadgets are often unveiled. This year, it’s Qustodio who’s… Read more