How to prevent children from turning off the VPN of Qustodio


To increase security and make sure the new Qustodio for iOS cannot be disabled, you can follow the steps provided in this article. Note that the process will completely reset the device to factory settings, so all applications and configurations that have been set on the device will be wiped out and the new Qustodio for iOS will be installed. Because of this, it is important to create a backup of your data before starting. This process requires iOS 8 or superior.

It's important to note that time limits will completely disable the internet. But they won't make all the apps for ages 4+ disappear as we do with the newest version of our MDM app. If you're interested in that, we'll be releasing an update in several months with this functionality included in the "Always on". To install that you'll have to go back to the Apple configurator again.

How to secure the new Qustodio for iOS

Before you start, make sure to create a backup of your data, in case you decide that Qustodio is not right for you and you want to restore to a previous configuration of your device. DO NOT RESTORE THE BACKUP after installing Qustodio, or the Qustodio AlwaysOn profile you've just installed will be deleted.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Go on a Mac computer

2. Download a personalized AlwaysOn VPN profile. For this simply open the following link:

3. Download AppleConfigurator. Depending on your country, you might have to download AppleConfigurator 1 or AppleConfigurator 2.

4. Connect the iPhone or iPad you want to protect to the Mac computer using a USB cable.

5. Open AppleConfigurator 1 or 2 and go to the Prepare tab (your device should appear there). Then, follow these steps, depending on which version of AppleConfigurator you use:


I am using AppleConfigurator 1

6. Set a name for the configuration, and set Supervision On (leave the other options as default).

7. Click Prepare at the bottom of the page (be careful: this will wipe the device completely and reinstall the latest iOS version. It will take some time to download the OS the first time you do it).

8. Under the tab Supervise, you should be able to see and choose the configuration that you have created.

9. Under Settings > Profiles click the + sign to add a Profile and choose "Import Profile".

10. Select the profile file you have downloaded, and complete the import (it should appear in the profile list now).

11. Select the Profile and click Apply/Refresh at the bottom of the page (it should install the profile within seconds).


How to remove the secure installation of the new Qustodio for iOS

To remove the secure protection, you would have to follow these steps:

1. Open AppleConfigurator 

2. Under Settings > Profiles click the - sign to
unselect the Profile you had created and click Refresh.

3. Click Devices > Unsupervise from the menu (note: this will WIPE your device again). Click Refresh.

You can then remove Qustodio by following these instructions.

I am using AppleConfigurator 2

6. Select the device.

7. Click on Prepare on the top part of the app, choose Manual and click next.

8. Choose the “Do not enroll in MDM” option, and then click next.

9. Check Supervise devices. If you want the user to be able to pair the device with other computers, check “Allow devices to pair with other computers”

10. Choose New organization... in the dropdown menu.

- If it's the first time you're using Apple Configurator, you may see the Create organization immediately.
- You can give any name to the organization. We advise creating as "Qustodio"
- Then, make sure you choose "Generate a new supervision identity".

11. When prompted to "Choose which steps will be presented to the user in Setup Assistant" choose the option "Don't show any of these steps" and click “Prepare”. Note that this is like a factory reset and all data will be lost.
- After downloading and installing the new OS, the phone should restart once or multiple times.

12. On iPhone devices, once the first steps are completed you may need to activate the device by unlocking the SIM. You can repeat this process multiple times as you have now created a blueprint. You can use this to create many supervised devices at the same time.
- A message should appear on the Mac, stating that an "Interactive activation" is required. Unlock your iPhone without disconnecting from your mac. Put your Apple ID, unlock code and your SIM card's PIN code. After the iPhone finishes loading the system, click on the button "Try Again" on your Mac.

13. Once the process finished, click “Add” and then select “Profiles”. You need to choose the profile you downloaded from the Family Portal for the device.

14. A message will prompt. Accept and install the profile. That’s it!


How to remove the secure installation of the new Qustodio for iOS

To eliminate the Supervised mode from the device, follow these steps (note that this process will completely wipe out the device).

1. Open AppleConfigurator and connect the iOS device to the Mac computer.

2. Go to the “Actions” menu and select “Restore”. This will start a process to restore the device. If you have created a back up, choose the “Restore from back up” option and select the back up.