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Disney Launches Internet Safety Campaign

By on 02-05-2013

connect with respect safer internet dayAccording to The Drum, Disney has announced the launch of its new Internet Safety campaign. The motto? “Connect with Respect.” According to the director of live services at Disney EMEA, research shows that children are more open to ideas when they’re delivered by characters from their favorite shows. That explains the star-studded cast of the campaign featuring the cast of popular tween shows Good Luck Charlie and Jessie, not to mention X Factor’s Ella Henderson.

According to Disney, the goal of the campaign is to teach children that they can be safe online and still have fun. Club Penguin, Disney’s social network for children, is joining in the fun allowing members to download a virtual item for their penguin after taking a quiz on online safety..

The campaign aptly coincides with Safer Internet DayFebruary 5th.

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