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by on 12-29-2019

Being “always-on” can be a source of stress – but it’s also a conscious decision. 2019 was the year we saw a growing awareness of the potential dangers of time spent online – for parents and children alike. When UK communications regulator Ofcom published a report in May showing that 83% of adults and 91% of 12… Read more

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by on 12-19-2019

Child psychologist and digital education activist Marc Masip thinks so, and it’s older than you might think. “At what age should I give my child their first mobile phone?” It’s one of the most common questions I get and it is hard to pin down an age for it. It depends a lot on the child and… Read more

by on 12-11-2019

Preparing your home for the holidays can often seem like a mission. First, you have to decide on the right time—Is it too early?—If I wait, will I have time later on?—Then you have to get everything out of storage and cross your fingers nothing is broken… or lost... As far as the kids are concerned, there’s… Read more

by on 12-09-2019

A psychology expert’s tips for children and parents on how to stop bullies online and build resilience for life Cyberbullying, the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person, is a term that didn’t appear in any of my university manuals but it has become a problem I now see frequently in my consultancy.… Read more

by on 12-03-2019

It doesn't all have to be analog! Qustodio's UK Country Manager and resident Digital Wellbeing Expert Georgie gives us her top picks to help your loved ones make the most of their time and technology this Christmas. As a mum of two little girls, I understand very well how busy the Christmas period can feel. And then… Read more