Family Friendly Tech Tips with Dr. Nicole: What to Do If Your Child Removes Qustodio 

By on 09-25-2020

How forming a partnership and fostering open communication with your child can benefit everyone

Have you installed Qustodio on your child’s devices with the best intentions of keeping them safe from the big bad online world, only for them to remove the app from their phone? Or maybe you’ve been arguing with them over parental controls because while you want to protect them, they think they are old enough to look after themselves? Whatever the situation you find yourself in, we know how frustrating the kids vs. parental controls scenario can be. Not only that, sometimes it can be difficult to know what action to take for fear of making things even worse.

At times like this, there’s nothing like a helping hand! We asked our ambassador Dr. Nicole for her expert advice on what to do when your kid or teen is threatening to remove Qustodio protection from their device. Listen to her calming words and use her approach to sit down with your child and talk it out. As Dr. Nicole says, communication is key. Perhaps the most important thing of all is to be firm and clear when tackling this issue. Watch Dr. Nicole’s short video to see how you can prevent the situation from getting out of hand, avoid the guilt trip and encourage your child to develop a sense of responsibility and self-accountability, no matter their age. By empowering your child, you can give them the tools to become more mature and join forces to promote healthy online habits in the home! 

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