Spring cleaning on the Qustodio Daily Activity Report

This winter we’ve been focused on making your experience with Qustodio even better as a parent. In December, we added SMS Text Message tracking to our set of Android features. In January we improved the way we report on blocked web activity in the Qustodio Family Portal. In February we improved the stability and content detection of our new iOS VPN app. Now, just in time for Spring, we’ve refreshed our Qustodio Daily Activity Report.

### The Qustodio Daily Activity Report?
Yes – this is the email summary that Qustodio sends you on a daily basis (or weekly depending on your preferences) giving you a 360º view of what their child has been up to online over the last 24 hours.

#### What’s in the new design?
We’ve reorganized the report, and added new information that we think is going to help you a lot to understand what’s been going on with your child. Here’s what you can now find in the report:

Blocked activity (New!) – See which web activity was blocked and why
Apps Activity (New!) – See which apps your child has spent time on
Search Activity (New!) – View what your kid has searched for on the Internet over the last day.
You can also find: Quick stats on Screen Time from the previous day’s activity, a summary of all Web Activity from the last day, and a list of chats, calls and texts in the Social Activity section.

The daily report is automatic and available to both Free and Premium users. In fact, it should be in your inbox right now as long as you have Qustodio downloaded and set up to monitor a device. If you haven’t gotten the new report, keep reading.

#### Not getting the report? Here’s how to turn on Notifications:
First, make sure that you have Qustodio downloaded and installed on the device you want to monitor. Check out our downloads here.

If you’re already set up with Qustodio and you’re not getting the Daily emails automatically, login to the Qustodio Family Portal Settings and check your Notifications settings. You’ll see the switch there to turn the notifications back on.

#### How to get help:
At Qustodio we’re here to help you get your devices set up and reporting correctly. If something is wrong, don’t give up — drop us a request at www.qustodio.com/help and tell about it. We’ll try to solve the issue so you can continue to enjoy all the visibility that Qustodio offers you.

#### At your limit of devices?
If your Qustodio Premium subscription has run out or if you are a Qustodio Free user at your limit of devices you can view all Qustodio Premium plans here. If you’ve already got a Qustodio Premium plan and need a bigger one, contact us at premiumsupport@qustodio.com for Premium Support.

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How can Qustodio help protect your family?

Qustodio is the best way to keep your kids safe online and help them create healthy digital habits. Our parental control tools ensure they don't access inappropriate content or spend too much time in front of their screens.