How do I add another device to my Qustodio account?


This article tells you how to install and configure Qustodio on a new device.

Summary: To install Qustodio on a new device, you must first download and install Qustodio on that device by visiting The installation process will ask you whether you are an existing or new user. Select that you already have an account and follow the instructions.

Tip: For more help with installing Qustodio please visit this page.

How do I add another device to my Qustodio account

If you want to add another device to your Qustodio Account please use the following steps:

1. On the new device, navigate to the following link and download the version of Qustodio appropriate for your device.

2. While installing Qustodio on the new device you’ll see a screen that looks similar to the ones below. From this screen choose "I already have a Qustodio Account".

On Macintosh or Windows PC:

On Android:

3. You will be prompted to introduce your existing account credentials

4. Continue the installation process as indicated

5. Once Qustodio is successfully installed on the new device you will be able to see and manage this device in the Family Portal.

Tip: To remove or modify a device log-in to the family portal at and click “Settings” > “Devices”.