FAQs: Qustodio for iPhone and iPad


This article describes supported features and known issues with Qustodio for iOS.

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What is Qustodio Parental Control for iPhone and iPad

Qustodio for iOS offers exciting features:

  • It monitors web activities done on Safari and Google Chrome! Qustodio filters your child's web browsing and reports on web searches and web activity without the need for a safe browser.
  • It controls internet access. Easy to use time controls mean that when it's bedtime, the internet connection goes off.
  • It also controls time spent on the device by locking access to all apps for 9+ of age when time is up.
  • It manages iOS apps. You get controls and reporting for several apps. You can read more about this here.
  • All of your iOS devices can be managed via your Family Portal directly.
  • You can monitor the device location that will be available on your Family Portal.

How to install the new Qustodio for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Please refer to this article to find instructions on how to install the new Qustodio for iOS.

What versions of iOS are currently supported?

Qustodio is compatible with iOS 11 or higher.

What features are available with Qustodio for iOS?

  • Time Scheduling: You can use a calendar to set time limits for your child's web browsing in Rules > Time Usage Limits inside your Family Portal. Enable Usage Schedule and under Device Lock Type choose Lock Navigation. Safari or Google Chrome will no longer be able to go online when time is up. If you choose to Lock device, this function will prevent the access to any of the apps that are branded age 9+ on the AppStore by hiding them.
  • Time Quotas: You can set a time quota for your child's web browsing in Rules > Time Usage Limits > Time Allowance inside your Family Portal. You can also choose to only Lock Navigation or Lock Device.
  • Web Filtering in Safari and Google Chrome: You can filter websites visited in Safari and Google Chrome by category or set specific websites to block or receive alerts when visited. You can do this in Rules > Web Browsing Rules in the Family Portal. You'll be able to view all web activity in the Activity Timeline tab of your Family Portal.
  • Application rules: With Qustodio for iOS, you can monitor, block and set a time limit for several applications. You can read more about this here
  • Geolocation: Qustodio allows you to monitor the location of the device with the desired time frequency; this can be adjusted from the Family Portal on the Rules > Geolocation.

Which applications can be blocked by Qustodio for iOS?

With Qustodio for iOS, you can monitor, block and set a time limit for the following applications:
8 ball pool; ABA English; AccuWeather; Aliexpress; Amazon Mobile; Amazon Music; AppStore; ASKfm; Aworded Crack / Apalabrados; Badoo / Blendr; Boom Beach; Brawl Stars; Clash of Clans; Clash Royale; Discord; Doordash; Dragon City Mobile; Dropbox; Duolingo; Ebay; EDpuzzle; Facebook / Facebook Messenger; FIFA Mobile; Fortnite; Foursquare; Game of War; Golf Battle; Golf Clash; Google Docs (Docs, Sheet and Slides); Google Translate; Grindr; Groupon; Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery; Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; Hay Day; Helix Jump; Hulu; Injustice 2; Injustice: Gods Among Us; Instagram; Jurassic Park Builder; Jurassic World™: The Game; Kids A-Z; League of Angels; LINE;  Lovoo; Madden NFL Overdrive Football; MARVEL Contest of Champions; MARVEL Future Fight; MARVEL Strike Force; Mobile Strike; Monkey; Mortal Kombat X; NBA LIVE; Netflix; Olympus Rising: Hero Defense; Onefootball; Outlook; Pinterest; Pokémon Go; Prime Video (Amazon); PUBG MOBILE; Pure; Reddit; Roblox; Scruff; Shazam; Skout - Meet, Chat, Friend; Sky; Sky Sports; Skype; Smule; Snapchat; Spotify; Star Wars 'Galaxy of Heroes'; Super Mario Run; Tango; TED; The Weather Channel; TikTok, Tinder; Tripadvisor; Trivia Crack / Preguntados; Tumblr; Twitch; Twitter; Vent; Viber; Wapo: Gay Dating; Waze; Weather Channel; WeChat; What Would You Choose? Rather; Whisper - Share, Express, Meet; Wish; Wishbone; WordReference Dictionary; Would you rather?; Yahoo Fantasy Sports; YOLO: Anonymous Questions; YouNow and Youtube.

Also, Qustodio cannot block, but will also report usage on the following apps:
Agar.io; Aquapark.io; Bitmoji; Clean Road; Kik; Lords Mobile; Magic Piano; Micro Golf Masters; Minecraft; Pick me up; Plants vs. Zombies™ 2; Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes; Purple Diver; Real Racing 3; Roller Splat!; Run Race 3D; Stack Ball 3D; Stickman Hook; Subway Surfers; The Sims™ FreePlay; The Sims™ Mobile; Township; Traffic Run!; Whatsapp and Whisper - Share, Express, Meet.

Unfortunately EA no longer allows us to connect through VPN to their games. Therefore we no longer support EA Games.

When time is up my children can still use their device

When you choose to block the device Qustodio will prevent the access to any of the apps that are branded 9+ by the AppStore.

How can I temporarily disable Qustodio?

To disable protection temporarily, visit your Family Portal and go to Your Devices > Device > Enable Qustodio VPN. Then choose the iOS device settings window. There you will be able to disable the Qustodio VPN on the device.

Why is there a VPN symbol at the top of my screen?

Qustodio for iOS helps you monitor your child’s device using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is the technology behind Qustodio. It sends your child’s network traffic through Qustodio servers where monitoring and rules can be enforced.

I'm seeing a foreign version of applications like Netflix

Qustodio’s monitoring service uses servers located mainly in the US or in UK. This means that while the Qustodio VPN is active some of the content you watch will be shown in the US or UK version rather than the country where you live. We will be adding servers in additional countries as demand grows. If this causes a problem for you, you may consider temporarily disabling the VPN connection while you consume the content that is unavailable when you are connected to the VPN.

The new Qustodio for iOS will not connect to certain internet networks

Some networks do not allow Qustodio’s VPN connection, and will block all access to the internet through the VPN. If you must connect to these Wifi networks you may wish to temporarily disable protection while doing so.

Some Internet routers may have a firewall blocking Qustodio. If that's the case, the only way to unblock internet would be opening the 500 and 4500 UDP ports on the router's firewall, used by Qustodio's VPN.

I'm seeing activity I know my child didn’t generate in the Activity Timeline

Qustodio for iOS reports a lightly filtered feed into your activity timeline. This means that in the web pages you load any 3rd party ads or content being served are also being reported as websites visits. In addition, background calls made by your iOS device to Apple, Google and other servers may also be reported. We're continuously working on cleaning and filtering the data from this feed to make it more accurate and reliable.

How to uninstall the new Qustodio for iOS

Please refer to this article to find instructions on how to uninstall the new Qustodio for iOS.