Why do I get "Profile Installation Failed" when installing for iOS?

So you got the Profile Installation Failed message during setup? You checked your internet connection and everything looks ok? Don’t worry! This can happen on iOS devices. The good news is it should be really easy to fix. Read on to see why you need to install the Qustodio MDM profile on your device and some simple steps how to do it.

Why do I need to install an MDM profile?

In order to monitor activity on an iOS device, Qustodio requires you to install a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile. This means that if you don’t install the MDM profile, you won’t be able to protect your child with Qustodio.

How do I install the Qustodio MDM profile on my iOS device?

Only one MDM profile can be installed on a device. If you see an error message that says Qustodio profile not detected or Profile Installation Failed, you probably already have a profile installed on your device. You just have to remove the existing MDM profile and install Qustodio’s.

Here are some simple steps to help you remove the existing profile, so you can continue installing Qustodio on your iOS device:

  1. Click the Home button. Find and tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap General and scroll down until you see Profiles and Device Management. You will see there is a profile already installed. If there is no Profiles and Device Management option, please start the installation process from the beginning.
  3. To remove this profile, tap Device Management and then tap the profile you see on your screen.
  4. Tap Remove Management at the bottom of the screen. Depending on how your iOS device is configured, you might have to enter your passcode here to continue.
  5. Next, tap Remove Management again. Once the screen refreshes, you will see that there are no longer any profiles installed. Success!

You can now go back to Qustodio and continue. Happy installing!