Qustodio Free vs. Qustodio Premium, what’s the difference?


This article briefly describes the differences between Qustodio Free and Qustodio Premium. This will help you decide whether to upgrade and provide you with brief pointers to using the features in Qustodio Premium.

Summary: Qustodio Premium offers all the features of Qustodio Free, plus:

  • Reports with 30 days of information instead of just seven.
  • Use the Multiple Device Scheduler to customize time limits across devices.
  • Block applications on Windows PCs and Macs.
  • Block apps on Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Panic Button.
  • Install and use the Qustodio Advanced Facebook Monitoring plug-in for Facebook.
  • Track your child’s Android device on a map.
  • See who your child calls or texts most, and set a list of blocked or allowed contacts on Android devices.
  • You get Priority support for any issues or questions.

Comparing Qustodio Free and Qustodio Premium

The key word for Qustodio Premium is “more”; more information in reports; more control of how much time your child can spend using each device; more control of what your child can do on each device; and (much) more detail about how your child uses Facebook.

Qustodio Free

Qustodio Premium
Monitoring of Web, Search & Applications
Smart Web Filtering & Safe Search
Social Activity Monitoring incl. Facebook & Twitter
Time Limit Controls
Online Dashboard for Monitoring Child Activity
Monitor Multiple Children on Multiple Devices (Mac, Windows PC, Android)
Games and Applications Blocking on All Devices
Set Time Controls by Device
Panic Button
Location Tracking
Calls & SMS Monitoring and Blocking
Advanced Monitoring for Facebook
- Access to Status Updates
- See Pictures Your Child & Friends Upload
- Relationship Status Updates
- Events and Parties Your Child is Attending
30 Days Detailed Child Activity Reporting
Priority Help & Support
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Why Choose Qustodio Premium?

Choose Qustodio Premium to get more information and more control.

The sooner you start using Qustodio Premium, the sooner you’ll get the benefit of understanding your child’s web use, computer use, and social media access better. Also, the sooner you’ll get more control over app and application use, time limits, and Facebook use across all devices.

Block apps and applications on all devices

Qustodio Premium lets you block applications and apps on any device with Qustodio installed. Without this protection, your child might see confidential information. Also, he or she could accidentally change or delete an important document.

Time limits for each device with Multiple Device Scheduler

When you upgrade to Qustodio Premium, the Qustodio Family Portal includes the Multiple Device Scheduler. The Multiple Device Scheduler lets you limit the amount of time your child can use a particular device, such as a specific Mac or an Android mobile phone.

In-depth monitoring with Qustodio Advanced Facebook Monitoring

This plug-in actually plugs into your child’s Facebook account. Once it’s installed, you get more in-depth reporting whenever your child uses Facebook – even on devices that don’t have Qustodio installed.

Monitor your child’s Location on a map

Qustodio’s location monitoring feature tracks your child’s location in real time, ensuring that you’re always aware of his/her whereabouts, no matter what time of day or night.

Monitor your child’s Calls and Text Messaging

With Qustodio Premium, you can see who your child talks to via phone and SMS text messages. You can also view how much time was spent on calls and how many texts were exchanged.

Report on 30 days’ usage rather than just seven

The Qustodio Family Portal features attractive reports. With Qustodio Premium, they include 30 days’ usage rather than just seven.