How to Block a Website

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Did you know that 12% of all websites feature pornography?

Statistics like this may cause you to ask—how do I block a website so that my child doesn’t see something he shouldn’t?

With Qustodio’s Family Protection Portal, parents can simply click on the Rules & Settings tab to begin. From here, you will be taken to the “Web Browsing Rules” view of the “Rules & Settings” page where you can choose which categories of websites your child will have access to and block specific websites.

How Do I Block a Website?

Qustodio can block a website in inappropriate category

Qustodio users can block a website that falls into an inappropriate category such as mature content, weapons, or gambling.

Other types of websites such as those with chat features, for instance, can be easily monitored by choosing the “Alert” option.

How Do You Block Sites Specifically?

Ability to block a website

The ability to block a website category is helpful, but you may still be wondering—how do you block a website specifically?

Simply enter the url of the website in the box provided under “Website Exceptions” and use the drop-down menu to select “Block.” Clicking on “Add” will then add the website to the list of blocked sites that the child will be unable to access.

Block any website quickly and easily with Qustodio.

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