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Since there is no such thing as a kid-friendly web, parents must monitor their children’s access to the Internet. When you download Qustodio, you’ll get all of the benefits of a premium internet filter—free!

Our web filtering software

Advanced Internet Filter Software

Kids are drawn to the Internet for a variety of different reasons—to play games, chat with their friends, and even do homework.

Our web filtering software allows you to:

  • Block websites by category or url
  • Manage and monitor your kids’ Internet time
  • Set time limits per day or create a schedule for week days and weekends
  • Receive alerts when your child has reached his limit
  • Cut off Internet access or lock the computer when time is up

Smart Internet Filtering

Smart Internet Filtering

Our smart internet filter scans web content in real time, and classifies it by category. No site escapes our careful scrutiny, no matter how new it is.

You can filter millions of websites with the click of a mouse. Simply choose which categories of websites to allow your child access to and which to block. Plus, if there are specific sites you want to either allow or block, you can do so quickly and easily using our website exceptions feature.

Time Limit Features

Time Limit Features

Our time-sensitive web filter allows you to see how much time your child spends online and even set limits for his daily usage.

Using advanced features, you can determine how much Internet time to allow your child on both weekdays and weekends. Then, choose what you want Qustodio to do once he’s reached his limit. You can lockdown the computer, disable Internet access, or simply have the web filter send you an email notification.

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