A summer to remember

Ready for a modern twist on some classic summer activities?

Dive in

Once upon a time...

Not so long ago, children used their imagination to play, explore, and fill their summer vacation with exciting adventures and discoveries.

When we were kids

Time off school meant weeks of exploring nature, inventing new games, and making new friends. Remember? ;)


Children have even more options available. Technology gives kids more ways to learn, be creative, and connect with others but it’s important to find the right balance.

Find the right balance

Qustodio can really help you to promote healthy use of screens in your home. We care about your family’s digital wellbeing and want to help you enjoy life beyond screens.

Let the fun begin

Show your child a summer as full and awesome as the ones we enjoyed! Download our activity booklet to connect and share unforgettable memories with your child this summer: