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By on 12-20-2013

Qustodio Blog Best free holiday Apps for kidsWhile it’s certainly good to limit your child’s screen time over the holiday break, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little digital cheer in moderation, especially when it involves the whole family! Make your winter respite a little more festive with these three free holiday apps that are sure to delight. Read more

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By on 12-18-2013

Winter break is upon us, and for most kids, that means at least two full weeks to laze around in pajamas, sip hot cocoa, and enjoy a break from their studies. Add to that the fact that four in five parents are planning to give their children Internet-ready gadgets this holiday, and you’ve got a recipe for tech overload. Unless you want to spend the New Year with a digital detox, it’s important to help your kid manage his web usage over break. Here are a few tips for encouraging digital moderation this holiday. Read more

By on 12-16-2013

If you have your finger on the pulse of which apps teens are using (for better or for worse), then you’ve already heard of the uber-popular and potentially dangerous messaging app, Snapchat. What you may not know is that Instagram recently unveiled a new feature that could be just as menacing to teens. Read more

By on 12-11-2013

Ask the average teen what they think about “selfies” and you’ll likely get a flippant response. The truth is that selfies have become so common that teens often don’t think twice before snapping and sharing. Unfortunately, not all selfies are safe, and your child needs to know the difference between an innocent photo and a potentially dangerous situation. If your teen is posting self-snapped pictures online, schedule a face-to-face chat to share these selfie safety tips ASAP. Read more

By on 12-09-2013

Qustodio Blog - Don’t Let Your Kid Fail the InternetThere’s been a lot of chatter lately about the need for parents to let their children fail. The argument is that failure in the form of “natural consequences” allows kids to learn independence and accept responsibility for their actions. Children whose parents come to their rescue over every challenging assignment or forgotten textbook won’t likely acquire the skills to be self-sufficient until they’re on their own, and then the failures will be much more difficult to swallow. Read more

By on 12-04-2013

Did you know that there are rehabilitation centers for kids (and grown-ups too!) who can’t step away from the screen? Experts liken the withdrawal that these “addicts” experience while abstaining from digital diversions to the discomfort felt by drug addicts and alcoholics. But what if you want to nip your kid’s digital dependency in the bud before it becomes a full-blown disorder? Here are a few tips for “rehabilitating” your youngster before the problem becomes unmanageable. Read more

By on 12-02-2013

Did you brave the crowds for Black Friday shopping? Even if you opted out this year, you can still snag some great deals on holiday gifts and goodies, thanks to the Internet. Cyber Monday is a great day to save big while getting a head start on your Christmas list, but just make sure that you play it safe. Online scams are a real threat. Here are a few tips for avoiding them. Read more