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By on 07-29-2013

qustodio blog - kids screen timeThink back to the summers of your childhood. What were your favorite activities? Was it the obstacle course you built in your backyard or the lemonade stand you set up at your grandmother’s house? Perhaps lazy days at the lake or beside the swimming pool come to mind. Now, think about the summer your child is currently experiencing. Does it bear much resemblance to the summers of your past? If your kid is like most these days, he’s more inclined to settle into his gaming chair on a summer afternoon than grab his bike and go for a ride. Read more

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By on 07-24-2013

Are you barely able to understand your tween or teen’s slang IRL (in real life), much less online? You’re not alone! A recent study revealed that many parents are painfully unaware of what their kids are talking about online, and monitoring kids’ Internet activity may be only part of the solution. Read more

By on 07-22-2013

qustodio blog - old fashioned lessons that are still relevantThink your kids are more digitally aware than you are? Chances, are you’re right. “Kids these days” are digital natives, meaning they've practically grown up with an iPod in their hands. Most parents are digital immigrants trying to feel their way around the virtual world and often feeling like they’re left in the dark. Sound familiar? If so, don’t fret. You can still impart some good old-fashioned advice that’s still very relevant in this new digital age. Read more

By on 07-10-2013

The minimum age requirement for joining Facebook is 13, but many kids lie about their age and set up a Facebook Timeline at even younger ages. Some parents even allow this social media deception! Whether your kid is of-age or not when he pops the Facebook question, there are some things you’ll need to know before you decide whether to say yes. Read more

By on 07-08-2013

If your child spends any amount of time online, then there’s a good chance a portion of that time is spent playing online games. Like so many other things on the Internet, online games aren’t inherently good or bad, but they can be used for both. Here are a few things to consider when determining whether your child’s online gaming habits are just innocent fun or potentially problematic. Read more

By on 07-04-2013

qustodio blog - does your child have too much online independence?July 4th is a time to gather with friends and family, gorge ourselves on BBQ or hamburgers, and hopefully take a moment or two to reflect on the hard-won freedoms we enjoy as Americans. It may also be a good time to think about whether your child has too much freedom when it comes to his or her Internet use. Consider these three signs that your child has too much online independence. Read more

By on 07-04-2013

qustodio blog - How to Monitor Your Kid’s Internet Use NSA Style Whether you agree with his actions or not, Edward Snowden shed a great deal of light on the NSA and how it’s spying on U.S. citizens in the name of security. As an adult, you may feel uncomfortable about the government knowing your every keystroke. Playing Big Brother (or Big Parent, in this case) by monitoring your kids’ online activities probably seems like a no-brainer, however. Here are a few tips for keeping an eye on your child’s digital behaviors NSA style. Read more

By on 07-01-2013

qustodio blog - internet has changed the sex talkThe sex talk is one of the most dreaded conversations you’ll likely have with your kid, and the Internet hasn’t made it any easier. Along with the basics, there are a few more things you’ll need to cover during this potentially awkward conversation, and the sooner the better. Read more