How to set up protection with Qustodio on iOS

Qustodio provides several different options to protect iOS devices. To view these settings and modify them, visit your Family Portal and go to Settings > Devices > Edit device options. You can choose to access the device name & users window, or the iOS device settings window.

Device name & users

In the device name & users screen, you can:

  • Modify the name of the device, by simply typing in the name you want to use.
  • Select which child to protect on the device, by simply selecting the corresponding user in the dropdown next to the device name. Note that Qustodio does not offer multiuser support on iOS devices.


iOS device settings

In the iOS device settings screen, you can:
  • Enable and disable the Qustodio VPN. This allows you to activate and deactivate the Qustodio VPN, which is the technology that Qustodio uses to monitor all of the activities being done on the device, being web browsing or the user of applications. This option is useful if you want to temporarily disable Qustodio on the iOS device, for example to give access exceptionally to restricted websites or if a specific internet network conflicts with Qustodio. Note that if you disable Qustodio, no activity will be monitored and time limits for web navigation will not be enforced.