How to adjust Battery Saving Settings on your child's Android device for Qustodio

Since the introduction of Android 5, several device manufacturers have added battery saving options that can interfere with Qustodio and prevent it from reporting any activity. If your kid's device stopped reporting any activity sometime after installing Qustodio, we advise checking for a battery saving mode on your device.

Here are some steps to resolve this issue:

Huawei devices:

If your phone is using EMUI versions 5 or 8 (you can check this on your device by going to Settings > About phone) you can follow this procedure to configure Qustodio on your phone. If you are using a different version of EMUI, please try the following steps:


  • P8: On your child's device you need to access Settings > Apps > Qustodio > Battery in the Detailed power info screen. Turn on Keep running after screen off.
  • Y6: On your child's device you need to access Settings > Power saving > Consumption level. You need to turn on the Keep running after screen off option.
  • Honor P6: On this device, the option that closes apps for battery saving reasons is called Protected Apps. Go to Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps > Qustodio and turn it on.
Other Huawei devices:
  • Open Settings > Device > Power saving > Protected apps > Qustodio and turn it on.
  • Open Settings > Device Manager > Startup Manager and add Qustodio.
  • Disable Ultra Battery Mode: Go to Settings > Smart assistance > Notification Panel and uncheck the Notification settings.
  • Block the Phone Manager app on the Family Portal, to prevent the child to force close Qustodio.
Note: depending on the device model those options may vary. You can search for them using the search field on the top of the Settings screen.


Samsung devices:

  • On Samsung devices that have a battery saving option, go to Settings > Battery > App power saving (Detail) > Qustodio and toggle this option off.

Xiaomi devices:

  • On Xiaomi devices that have a battery saving option, go to Settings > Battery & Performance > Manage apps battery usage > Power Saving Modes and toggle this option off.
  • On some Xiaomi devices you will also need to go to the Security app > Permissions > Autostart > select Qustodio so it has Accessibility permission on start.

Oppo devices:

  • In Oppo devices that have a "Security Center" you will need to Open Security Center app > Privacy Permissions > Startup manager > Allow Qustodio
  • In some Oppo devices (eg. R9, R11 and A37f) you will need to go to Settings > Battery > Others > Qustodio and Uncheck all settings
  • In some other devices you will need to go to Settings > Battery and storage > Battery manager and turn off smart power saving. Also, Tap on Power consumption details > Optimize for excessive power consumption and uncheck Qustodio.

ZTE devices:

  • On ZTE devices you will need to disable Smart Power Save, and then go to Settings > Power manager > Power management for apps > look for Qustodio > Turn all options off.

Asus devices:

  • Open the Asus Start Up Manager app and set Qustodio to autostart. After that, please block this app on the Family Portal.

Wiko devices:

  • Go to Settings > Protected Applications and set Qustodio as a Protected app.

All other devices:

  • We recommend that you check for a Battery Saving Mode in your device Settings.
  • In some devices you will need to grant Qustodio a special battery usage permission going on Settings > Battery > Menu (the three vertical dots) > Battery Optimization > All apps > Qustodio.