What to do if the Qustodio Device Administrator permission on your Android device has been disabled




Qustodio needs to have Device Administrator permissions on your Android device to avoid tampering and uninstall.


Instructions to reactivate Qustodio


The first step is to go on the device and check if the Qustodio app is still present on the device.

The Qustodio app is still present on the device


To reactivate the Qustodio Device Administrator permission:

1. Open the settings of the device.

2. On the settings locate and open the Security page.

3. Choose the Device administrators page.

​4. Find the Qustodio setting (if the setting is missing you will need to reinstall Qustodio).

5. Reactivate the permission.

Qustodio has been uninstalled from the device


Follow this steps:

1.Open the Google Play App and Search for Qustodio.

Or you can click this link to do directly:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qustodio.qustodioapp

2. Tap the Qustodio app.

3. Tap Install.

4. Review the Permissions, then tap Accept.

5. Open the Qustodio app.

6. Tap I have an account.

7. Enter your email address and password.

8. Choose the This is a kid’s device Option.

9. Enter a name for the device.

10. Choose the user of the device.

11. When prompted to Activate app supervision choose to Activate Now.

12. Tap Qustodio.

13. Toggle on Permit usage access.

14. When prompted to Activate web Supervision choose to Activate Now.

15. Tap Qustodio.

16. Toggle on this option.

17. Tap OK.

18. When prompted to Activate uninstall protection choose to Activate Now.

19. Tap Activate.

20. Congratulations! The install process is complete.