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detail of boy playing videogamesJust found out that my child’s slight minecraft video game addiction may mean he is well on his way to his first mental health diagnosis. According to the Australian online site, thatreportedthis story, the American Psychiatric Association will publish a revised edition of the DSM-V… 詳細をご覧ください



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playboy logo According to the New York times, last week a UK based regulatory authority, exposed Playboy for “failing to protect children from potentially harmful pornographic material” and slapped them with a £100,000 fine, equivalent to $160,000 USD. According to Ofcom’s investigation, Playboy wasn’t doing enough to keep underage visitors out of Playboy… 詳細をご覧ください

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man with gun in videogameFormer U.S Presidential candidate Ralph Nader called video game makers “electronic child molesters” last week, implying that they were at least partially to blame for the recent Newtown massacre. According to CNET, the two-time U.S. Green Party candidate made the same claim in the wake of… 詳細をご覧ください

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My 13-year old isn’t into texting or social media yet, but if she were, I would be wise to read her messages when she wasn’t looking, at least according to Claire Perry, UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s newly appointed adviser on childhood. According to Daily Mail, Perry argues that the notion that children’s electronic messages ought to be private is… 詳細をご覧ください

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girls using computer in classroomOften, parents think of the Internet a dangerous place for kids, and it can be. If you think that the Web in general is bad for your child, though, then you’re missing out on some of the most engaging and even educational media available for youngsters.… 詳細をご覧ください

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mother and daughter using a laptopThere’s so much content on the Internet today that it can be overwhelming and even scary for parents of kids who are venturing onto the Web. While you may want to err on the side of caution and ban your kid from the Internet… 詳細をご覧ください

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When parents think about the dangers of the Internet, their thoughts usually turn to cyberbullying, online predators, and inappropriate web content. There are other dangers lurking behind the screen, however, and they could be just as dangerous to your child’s wellbeing and future. If your child’s online privacy and/or reputation is compromised, there could be… 詳細をご覧ください