Ralph Nader Lashes Out at Video Game Makers

By on 01-25-2013

man with gun in videogameFormer U.S Presidential candidate Ralph Nader called video game makers “electronic child molesters” last week, implying that they were at least partially to blame for the recent Newtown massacre.

According to CNET, the two-time U.S. Green Party candidate made the same claim in the wake of the Columbine shooting over a decade ago. Arguing that corporations pedaled “violent, addictive, and tawdry sensuality” to children, Nader called for President Obama to take a stronger stand against the creators of these harmful video games and at the very least urge parents to safeguard their children from potentially harmful content.

All politics aside, I know plenty of people who can spend the weekend on the couch playing first-person shooter games without feeling the need to go on a murderous rampage, but then again, they’re not children. What do you think?