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qustodio for macIn case you haven’t heard the big news, Qustodio for Mac and Android is now available! That means whether your child uses Mac, an Android mobile phone or a Windows PC you can protect them with Internet's best parental control software. Our latest version also has a few other cool… 詳細をご覧ください



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The man known as the world’s greatest conman is now warning others about the risks of identity theft in a technologically advanced society. According to The Guardian, Frank Abagnale, famously portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film Catch Me if You Can, says that young Facebook users in particular are susceptible to having their identities stolen,… 詳細をご覧ください

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The Steubenville sexual assault victim whose case has shaken the nation has been further victimized, but her assailants aren’t going unpunished. After the sentencing of two high school football players who tossed her around like a toy while she was intoxicated at a party, the 16-year old victim began receiving threats on the social media site, Twitter. The two teen… 詳細をご覧ください

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COPPA (aka The Children’s Online Privacy Act) originated in 1998, but with advancements in social media networking, the laws have had to get tighter over the years. The most recent changes to the Act, approved by the FTC last December, will be implemented this July. These new regulations will require sites like Facebook and Tumblr to actively remove pictures, videos,… 詳細をご覧ください

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Iowa State University professor Douglas Gentile says it’s clear that violent video games make kids more aggressive but stops short of claiming that they create homicidal tendencies. In a talk with NPR, Gentile said that that video games featuring violent content “tap into a primal instinct” and release stress hormones in the body such as cortisol and testosterone, the same… 詳細をご覧ください

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Has your little one ever unlocked a new level or bought more accessories for her virtual pet with real money while playing a game on your iPhone? If so, you may be able eligible for compensation. In response to a lawsuit filed in 2011, Apple has decided to settle with parents who claimed that in-app purchases were too easy for… 詳細をご覧ください

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While half of parents report joining Facebook in part to check up on their kids' online activities, one mom in New York has been banned from posting on any of her three children's pages. An appeals court issued the order in 2011, and just a few weeks ago, the New York Supreme court upheld the decision, according to Huffington Post.… 詳細をご覧ください

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little boy playing with tabletExperts have long warned that TV is bad for kids under the age of 2, but what about apps? Are there different rules for tablets and Smartphones? With the proliferation of gadgets designed to turn a stroller or even a potty into an interactive play place… 詳細をご覧ください