Safer Internet Day 2014: “Let’s Create a Better Internet Together”

By on 02-11-2014

Today is Safer Internet Day, and we want to celebrate! This year’s theme is “Let’s create a better Internet together,” and to do our part, we’d like to share some tips and suggestions as to how you and your kids can make a positive impact online.

What You Can Do for Safer Internet Day 2014

For Parents

  • Join in the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #SID2014. Share your online safety tips with other parents and child advocates, and learn from others!
  • Share an Internet safety tip or blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media platform.
  • Do something fun online with your child, and use the opportunity to talk to him or her about playing safe on the Internet.
  • Contact your child’s school and ask about how they address e-safety issues such as online privacy and cyberbullying during and after school hours.
  • Less than half of parents use parental control filters to protect their kids online. Recommend Qustodio to your friends, and let them know how easy it is to use!

For Kids

  • Tell your friends that nothing shared online is private, even via apps like Snapchat that market “self-destructing” messages.
  • Teach a younger sibling or schoolmate about online safety.
  • Be an anti-bully. Compliment a friend or online.
  • Use social media to support a charity or other good cause.
  • Make a pledge to use the Internet in ways that educate, empower, and uplift.

The Internet can be a powerful and positive tool for kids and parents alike, but it’s up to us to make it that way. On Safer Internet Day (and every day!), stay safe and be smart online!


Safer Internet Day: Parents Failing to Protect Children from Online Threats