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50 families share their current concerns and main successes managing time online. Plus a downloadable conversation sheet. As an expert in digital wellbeing, I am always giving advice to schools, businesses and parents on how to manage screen time in a safe and healthy way. But, as we all know, times have changed drastically over the past… 詳細をご覧ください



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Our 2020 report on apps and digital natives answers that question and gives parents expert tips to help their families thrive in a hyper-connected world.By the start of 2020, before the coronavirus lockdowns, children were spending more time online than ever before. Doctors, psychologists and even the creators of apps themselves, were sounding alarms about online privacy,… 詳細をご覧ください

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As the numbers of families that are single and co-parenting grow, so does our dependence on technology and the devices that utilize it -- even to the point that some divorce decrees are written with guidelines that dictate technology access, usage and availability.  Technology is a beautiful way for your kids to stay connected, be entertained and… 詳細をご覧ください