How do I block Incognito mode browsing on Android with Qustodio?

What is incognito mode?

“Incognito mode,” or private browsing mode, is a setting in the web browser of most Android devices. When a user opens a browsing tab in incognito mode, the web browsing activity becomes completely private. This is what an incognito tab looks like:

On Android 6 and up, Qustodio filters and reports pages visited in incognito just as well as pages visited in normal mode, on the Android Stock Browser, Google Chrome and Firefox, and there is no special configuration to be set for this to happen.

On Android 5 or less, however, because Qustodio is not able to detect or block any pages visited in incognito mode, we have developed a feature to block incognito browsing completely on a user’s Android device. This feature works only for Android, and is compatible only with the Android stock browser and Google chrome for Android. This feature is still experimental.

How to block incognito mode with Qustodio

Qustodio provides a setting in its Android application on devices running Android 5 or less to block incognito browsing. To enable this setting, login to the Android application and select Configure this Device > Device Settings. Then enable the switch for “Block Incognito Browsing”

Once this feature is enabled Qustodio will automatically detect within a short time when user is engaging in Incognito browsing and block the web-browser completely until the administrator of the Qustodio account enters the Qustodio password to unblock the device.

Is blocking of an incognito mode window immediate?

No. Blocking of Incognito browsing is not immediate. It takes a short time for Qustodio to analyze browsing activity to detect that Incognito mode is being used. For this reason, the block that is applied when Incognito mode is detected is much stronger than blocking a standard web page, creating a strong disincentive from using Incognito mode again. If the user attempts to use Incognito mode when it is blocked, web browsing of any type will be completely blocked until the owner of the Qustodio account unblocks it.

Tip: Consider discussing with the user of the device why you have installed Qustodio and that you have blocked Incognito browsing.