How to install Qustodio Professional for iOS devices


This article tells you how to install Qustodio Professional for iPhones and iPads. You can then monitor the use of your devices through the Management Portal.

Important notices

  • With Qustodio for iOS, you can monitor web navigation, set restrictions on which websites can be accessed, and set time limits for web navigation as well as manage supported apps.
  • With Qustodio for iOS, you can monitor and block the following (and only the following) applications: 8 ball pool,, Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, AppStore, ASKfm, Badoo / Blendr, Boom Beach, Chat, Clash of Clans, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Deer Hunter 2016, Dropbox, Ebay, EDpuzzle, Express, Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, Fling, Flipagram, Foursquare, Friend, Google Drive, Google Docs (Docs, Sheet and Slides), Grindr, Hay Day, iFunny, Instagram, iTunes, Jurassic World, Kids A-Z, Kik, Madden NFL Mobile, Magic Piano, Meerkat, Meet, Microgolf, Miitomo, Mortal Kombat X, Netflix, Pinterest, Pure, Puzzle and Dragons, Scruff, Shazam, Shots, Skout - Meet, Snapchat, Spotify, Star wars, Tango, TED, Tinder, Twitter, Vent, Viber, Vine, Waze, Whisper - Share, Wish, Would you rather, YouNow, Youtube, Zedge and PokemonGo. Qustodio will also report Whatsapp usage, but cannot block this app.
  • Applications will start appearing in the Portal once they've been installed and used at least once by user.
  • You can choose to completely block the use of any of these applications. Go to your Portal and in the user tab, go to Rules > Application Rules and set Enable application controls to YES. Then, you can simply to block any of the applications you want by switching the button for that app to Allow application > NO.
  • You can also set a time limit for each app in your Portal in Rules > Application Rules. There, next to each iOS app, you will see a little clock with the option "Set a time limit for this app". Simply click on it and a dropdown menu will appear. You can "Click to set a time limit" and set limit of use of the app for each day of the week.

How to install Qustodio on iOS

1. Open Safari on the iOS device you want to monitor.

2. Go to the following address:

3. Tap I'm new to Qustodio or I have an account.

4. If you've selected I have an account, simply enter your Qustodio login information and skip to step 5. If you've selected I'm new to Qustodio, enter the requested personal information as shown:

5. Enter a name for the user of this device. Tap Next.

6. Enter a name for the device. Tap Next.

7. Tap Install iOS Profile.

8. Tap Install.

9. Tap Done.


10. Read the information provided and keep swiping until you reach the final screen. Tap Close.


11. If your device has iOS 10.3 or later you will need to make sure your Qustodio MDM Root CA certificates are Trusted. First access your device Settings

12. Tap on General, then About and Certificate Trust settings

13. Finally toggle on the Qustodio Service CA and Qustodio MDM Root CA

14. That's all! Qustodio is now set up to protect the device that you want to monitor. You can keep an eye on web navigation, set restrictions on which websites can be accessed, and set time limits for web navigation. Please visit your Management Portal from any device with Internet access to update these settings.

You will now receive an email from Qustodio entitled Important - iOS Qustodio Passcode, as shown below. Please make sure to save this email as it contains key information to remove Qustodio.