How to protect individual users on Windows and Mac

When first installing Qustodio it will monitor all of the users under the same child profile.

With Qustodio, you can set an individual Qustodio protection profile for one or more device users and set a unique Qustodio protection profile for all other device users.

This allows you to define specific rules for some users, while making sure that all other existing and future users are also protected.

To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Go to your Family Portal at the following address:

2. Enter your email and password, and click "Log In."

3. In the upper-right corner of the page, click on the dropdown and select "Settings."

4. Click "Devices."

5. Locate the device you want to configure and click "Edit device options."

6. Locate "All Device Accounts" and then "Click to assign a profile."

7. Select the Qustodio profile you want to use as default protection profile from the dropdown list.

8. Locate the device user for whom you want to set an individual protection profile and click on the corresponding line.

9. Click "OK."

10. Select the Qustodio profile you want to use in the dropdown list.

11. Repeat these steps for each device user for whom you want to assign an individual profile and then click "Save."

That's it! You may now go to the Rules tab of the selected profiles to set up specific protection rules as shown below.