Social Networking Forums Can Be Good for Kids, According to New Study

By on 02-20-2013

girl using tabletNot all social media sites are bad for kids, according to a study by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center. In fact, they can have positive effects on a child’s identity and social development. Pointing out worthwhile kids’ networking sites like Club Penguin,, and, the study suggests that parents need to take precautions to protect their kids but ultimately accept that social media is an integral part of modern life, for adults and kids alike.

The study, reported by The Christian Science Monitor, also identified a subgroup of teen users referred to as “hackers and nonconformists.” These bright adolescents are often demonized because of their nontraditional Internet usage, but the study warns that these are the very kids who need the most guidance. The bottom line? Trying to keep kids away from social media is futile, so we need to steer them to the sites that have something positive to offer.

What do you think? Can social media be a good thing for kids?