COPPA Laws Getting Stricter, But Will They Help?

By on 03-25-2013

COPPA (aka The Children’s Online Privacy Act) originated in 1998, but with advancements in social media networking, the laws have had to get tighter over the years. The most recent changes to the Act, approved by the FTC last December, will be implemented this July. These new regulations will require sites like Facebook and Tumblr to actively remove pictures, videos, and any other media that could potentially reveal the identities of kids under the age of 13.

Not everyone agrees that the new restrictions will be enough to keep children safe online, however. In an interview with Fox News, tech analyst Rob Enderle said that without proper age verification systems in place (such as requiring a credit card to open an account), the laws will do nothing but encourage kids to lie in order to gain access to websites.

What do you think? Will stricter COPPA laws safeguard children from online dangers?