Michigan State University Researchers Say Cyberbullying is the Worst Kind

By on 03-06-2013

girls texting on smartphonesA study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University and published in the International Criminal Justice review revealed that online bullying has even more harmful effects than the low-tech, schoolyard variety. The study, reported by The Globe and Mail, reported that 28% of students who had been cyberbullied had suicidal thoughts compared with 22% of offline bullying victims. Of those who had been bullied via a mobile phone, 26% reported feeling suicidal. Students who were bullied online were also more apt to skip school than those who encountered bullies in the “real world.”

One of the researchers, an associate professor of criminal justice at the university, called for parents to monitor what their children are doing online more closely. What do you think? Can parental controls stop kids from being bullied online?