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By on 06-27-2013

We are beyond excited to announce that Qustodio is now available for iOS. Because so many Qustodio parents have been waiting for this announcement, we want to briefly introduce the app and talk about some of its awesome features. Read more

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By on 06-25-2013

qustodio blog - sextingSnapchat is a chat service that sends self-destructing messages. Users send text messages or photos to other members, which are supposed to disappear within seconds of receipt. Unfortunately, images shared don’t always disappear and may leave your child open to humiliation, bullying, blackmail or worse. Learn how to keep your child safe. Read more

By on 06-20-2013

qustodio blog - how to manage your child's internet timeMost parents know that spending too much time online can be harmful to children. According to a recent study, it may lead to negative moods and depression*. This is why it’s important for parents to strike a good balance between the positive aspects and the potential dangers of the web, but it’s not easy. Read more

By on 06-18-2013

Is your tween or teen on social media? If not, he’s one of the few stragglers left. According to DailyTech*, 94% of teens use Facebook. Parents aren’t so comfortable with social networking, though, at least not when it comes to their kids. While some parents attempt to ban their children from Facebook and other social media sites, others play helicopter parent by stalking their kids on Facebook. Read more

By on 06-12-2013

qustodio blog - social media linked to unhealthy valuesAre your kids on Facebook or Tumblr? If they’ve ventured out into the social media world, then you need to be aware of the dangers they may encounter. While most parents understand the threat of cyberbullying, online predators, and the like, few stop to think about the values (or lack thereof) that their kids could be learning from social media. Read more

By on 06-10-2013

qustodio blog - kids and the internetWe hear so many scary and sometimes tragic stories about kids and the Internet that it’s sometimes easy to get bogged down in the negative aspects of the online world. The truth is, though, the Internet is just a tool, which means it can be used for good! So before you put your kids’ Internet access on lockdown, consider these benefits that the Internet affords our kiddos. Read more

By on 06-07-2013

qustodio blog - when parents misbehave onlineUsually when we think of kids and social media, we’re brainstorming for how to keep them safe or worrying over who they’re talking to online, but what happens when it’s the parents who are the culprits? Though it may be completely unintentional, many parents are unwittingly harming their children through social media. Are you one of them? Ask yourself the following questions to find out. Read more

By on 06-05-2013

qustodio blog - school's out for summerAre your kids out of school for the summer? If so, then you’ll no doubt be facing the inevitable dilemma of limiting the amount of screen time they’re allowed each day. With the multitude of devices kids have at their disposal (and often multiple kids too!), this can definitely be a challenge. Before you throw your hands up in frustration, consider the following tips to ensure your child is exposed to as much sunshine as monitor glare this summer: Read more

By on 06-03-2013

qustodio blog - how to spot a bad appWe’ve seen lots of inquiries lately from parents who want to know which apps are safe for their kids and which ones are to be avoided, or at the very least monitored. This is a great question, and we wish it were one that we could answer definitively. With thousands of apps being added to the Apple store and Google Play each and every day, it would be difficult if not impossible to track them all. Plus, many apps like Vine, for instance, are created for harmless entertainment purposes and then used to propagate smut. Read more