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By on 02-25-2014

Is Social Media Warping Teens’ Idea of Friendship?Does your teen know who his real friends are? Does he even know what a friend is? Thanks to social media, these are actual questions being raised by researchers, including Patricia Greenfield, a developmental psychologist at UCLA and director of the… Read more

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By on 02-19-2014

Is Your Child Ready for Social Networking? Teens may be leaving Facebook, but they’re not abandoning social media altogether. In fact, kids are joining social media networks at earlier and earlier ages, leaving many parents to wonder how young is too young. Though the answer may vary from kid to kid and family to family, parents need to prep their kids before unleashing them on social media platforms. Here are a few important points to discuss with your child before giving them the go-ahead to set up a profile. Read more

By on 02-06-2014

If your teen has a Facebook account, he or she is just a few clicks away from a controversial messaging app that could pose serious safety risks. MeetMe promises users a “fun, friendly” experience, but some young members are finding the very opposite to be true. The app has recently garnered attention after the San Francisco city attorney filed a lawsuit against its developers due to “lax privacy” settings that threaten kids’ safety. According to the lawsuit, there have been at least three sex crimes against juveniles in California that can be attributed to an online predator using MeetMe to locate his victims. What makes MeetMe so dangerous? Read more

By on 02-04-2014

Skills you had at age 16 that your kid might notThere’s no doubting the fact that kids are acquiring new skills today faster than we parents can keep up, (and hasn’t that always been the case?). Even so, there may be more than a few life skills they’re missing out on. Take these, for example. Read more