How do I setup location monitoring on mobile devices?


With Qustodio you can manage and track the location of Android and iOS devices on a map. This feature works a bit differently on each platform. For question, troubleshooting or problems, please see the sections below.

What you will find in this FAQ:

How to activate Location Monitoring

Once you install Qustodio on a mobile device, location monitoring is turned on by default. To make sure you have location monitoring enabled and working properly, make sure you have the latest version of Qustodio installed on the child's device.

You can activate and deactivate Location Monitoring any time on the Family Portal > Rules > Location and switching the button to YES or NO.

Android Troubleshooting

If you don’t see your child’s mobile device in the list of Monitored Mobile devices, please double check the following:

  • Does your device allow location services? On your child’s Android device, visit Settings > Location and be sure it is enabled.
  • The device is running the latest version of the Android’s operating system. For most devices, you can update the operating system to the latest version in Settings > About Phone/Device > Software Update > Update. If you’re not sure how to do that, or can’t find this option, please refer to your mobile device user’s guide.
  • You have downloaded and installed the latest version of Qustodio from the Google Play Store.  To do so, please follow these instructions.
  • You have correctly associated the child’s profile in Qustodio with the device in Settings > Devices > Edit device options.  If you want to add a new child to your Qustodio account, please find how to do so here.

Free vs. Premium Location Monitoring

The free version of Qustodio will place an alert in your child’s activity timeline each time your child’s device location has changed, however you will not be able to view the actual location. The premium version of Qustodio will allow you to open a map to view each of the locations reported by Qustodio.

How can I view the location updates?

Visit the Activity Timeline tab in your Family Portal. Each time your device changes location you’ll see an entry in the Activity Timeline tab. If the device hasn’t changed location since the last time Qustodio checked, you won’t see any updates in the activity timeline until the device moves to a new location.


How can I change the Location update frequency

You can ask Qustodio to contact your device more often than once per hour by visiting your Family Portal and then going into your child’s tab and choose Rules > Location Monitoring. Here you’ll find a time selector where you can choose how often Qustodio should ask your device for location.

Please note that this is an Android-specific setting only. On iPhone and iPad your devices will report location changes automatically.

By default Qustodio will try to contact your device every 1 hour to find its location. If your device hasn’t moved since we last checked, you won’t see any location update in the activity timeline until it changes position.

Battery Saving Tip: Choosing a longer update frequency of such as each 1 hour may increase your battery life vs. selecting a shorter update frequency of, for example, every 5 minutes.


How to deactivate Location Monitoring

To deactivate this option, you can simply visit your Family Portal and then go into your child’s tab and choose Rules > Location Monitoring. Turn off the switch that enables location monitoring.

Note. This feature is only available to Premium users.