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Qustodio and Family Zone

Family Zone has joined forces with Qustodio to help give parents better visibility of their children’s online activities and balance screen time.

Trusted by 5 million users worldwide, Qustodio helps children grow with a healthy approach to technology and protects them from online risks.

Qustodio and Family Zone

Parenting in the digital age made easy

Keep your child safe online

Ensure your child’s digital activity is balanced and risk free

Supervise the way you want

Filter websites, set time limits, block apps, get reports, and more

Build positive digital habits

Help your child develop a healthy relationship with technology

It takes just a few minutes to get started

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Qustodio gives you the best parental control and digital wellbeing features in one place

Keep your kids’ screen time safe and balanced on every device

Filter content & apps

Create a safe space for your kids to explore and play online

Block inappropriate apps, games and websites. Allow your kids to view child-friendly sites and automatically block potentially harmful ones to prevent exposure to mature content, gambling, violence and other threats. Receive alerts when they try to access blocked content.
Filter content & apps
Monitor activity

Monitor activity

Stay involved in your child's digital life

Log in to the real-time dashboard from any device at any time to check your child’s digital activity and adjust your settings. Easily view their activity timeline, browsing history, YouTube views, screen time and more.

Monitor activity

Set time limits

Healthy families start with healthy habits

Help your child avoid screen addiction, ensure better sleep routines, and preserve family time by setting up consistent time limits and screen-free periods. Top up or reduce their device use limits as much as you want, when you want.

Set time limits
Family locator

Locate family

Know where your kids are at any time

Spot your child on the map to know where they are and have been. Save most visited places like school and home and get peace of mind by receiving notifications when they arrive or leave those locations.

Family locator

Track calls & SMS for Android and iOS

Catch predators and cyberbullies the moment they strike

Detect suspicious contacts by seeing who your child exchanges calls and messages with. Read the texts they send and receive, plus set a list of blocked phone numbers.

Track calls & SMS
Reports and alerts

Get reports, alerts & SOS

Get all the info you want at the touch of a button

Receive detailed daily, weekly, and monthly reports of your child’s online activity straight to your inbox. Real-time alerts mean you’ll know as soon as they try to access blocked websites or are in trouble.

Reports and alerts

Real stories from parents

“Qustodio gives me the peace of mind that I have been looking for to ensure my kids are safe online.”


Mom of two

“With Qustodio, I don’t have to struggle to balance my daughter’s online independence with her safety.”


Mom of one

“We’re a highly digital family but we really value screen-free timeQustodio helps us get that balance.”


Mom of three

Featured in the media

“Everything you need to know about your kid’s screen time is beautifully displayed on Qustodio’s online dashboard.”

“Makes device monitoring easy for parents.”

“From YouTube monitoring to a panic button for kids away from home, Qustodio covers just about everything.”

“Most complete parental control application available.”

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