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by on 07-18-2021

Screen time for kids: Latest guidelines, by age, to help parents set healthy digital limits for the whole family Excessive screen timeEven before the Covid pandemic, screen time levels were already on the rise. When the lockdowns put our entire lives online from work and school to entertainment and shopping and even exercise, the average time we… Read more

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by on 07-05-2021

What parents need to know about YouTube Kids, one of the most popular apps designed for children YouTube Kids App RatingsQustodio:  5+ (with 20 min. Max & cowatching), 7+ (with 30-min. time limit)Apple: 4+ Android: PEGI 7 Common Sense: 7+ Intro to YouTube KidsIn 2015, Google launched YouTube Kids, a more contained environment than YouTube, to make it safer… Read more

by on 07-01-2021

Psychologist, life coach and founder of Mobile Free Life, Joan Amorós explains biophilia, nature deficit order, attention restoration and forest baths. And, why it is so important for everyone to get outside, now more than ever. Updated July 2, 2021. Currently record-breaking heatwaves are affecting much of the US and other parts of the world. Please note… Read more