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by on 02-25-2021

There are no two ways about it: if you are a parent and your child has access to the internet, you need a parental control. Even if you are really, really strict at home, let’s face it: nowadays it’s become virtually impossible to impose a complete ban on the online world. Today’s kids are surrounded by all… Read more

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by on 02-15-2021

How parents can recognize, reduce, and manage anxiety in children and teens As the coronavirus pandemic continues, anxiety levels continue to run high for children and adults alike. Both anecdotal and research evidence point to increasing levels of anxiety for children and teens during this difficult period. In my clinic I am seeing many more children and… Read more

by on 02-07-2021

Is Marco Polo safe for kids? What parents need to know about this ‘built to be good for you’ video messaging app.  Marco Polo RatingsApple: 4+Android: PEGI 3 (suitable for all ages)Common Sense: 13+Qustodio: 13+ or 10+ with parental supervision Marco Polo, is one of many communication apps along the lines of Zoom, Houseparty and SnapChat to… Read more

by on 02-04-2021

Following the staggering surge in popularity of Chromebooks in recent months, many parents like you have been requesting help to supervise their children’s devices. Unsurprisingly, this was mainly due to an unprecedented increase in homeschooling, and we were only too happy to oblige.  After some careful planning and investigation, Qustodio is pleased to confirm it has extended… Read more

by on 01-26-2021

Current data protection laws by themselves are not enough. Here’s what every parent needs to know to help keep their kids’ identity safe online. Most parents today were able to grow up without a digital record of their childhood. Their children, however, will not. Kids today, and of the future, will be tied to their online identities.… Read more

by on 01-20-2021

What is digital resilience? And why is it so important for kids to learn this skill today? By Georgie Powell, Digital Wellbeing Expert and founder of Space and Sentient Digital. When we talk about building resilience in kids, every parent knows it’s about helping them develop the knowledge, confidence and strength to resist adversity, manage uncertainty and… Read more

by on 01-12-2021

What parents need to know about the Among Us video game to keep their kids and teens safe on the latest app to go from nowhere to everywhere. Among RatingsApple: 9+Android: PEGI 7 (very mild forms of violence)Common Sense: 10+Qustodio: 10+ with parent present, 13+ in privacy mode Like many relatively unheard of apps, the Among Us… Read more

by on 12-17-2020

How receiving likes, or not, affects kids’ self esteem, mood and mental health The power of "Likes" on the brain is tremendous. The brain’s response is similar to that obtained when making money. Every time we receive an acknowledgement through a like, our brain generates dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the sensation of reward, which is why… Read more