by on 01-20-2021

What is digital resilience? And why is it so important for kids to learn this skill today? When we talk about building resilience in kids, every parent knows it’s about helping them develop the knowledge, confidence and strength to resist adversity, manage uncertainty and recover from upsetting or traumatic events. But when I talk about digital resilience,… Read more

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by on 01-12-2021

What parents need to know about the Among Us video game to keep their kids and teens safe on the latest app to go from nowhere to everywhere. RatingsApple: 9+Android: PEGI 7 (very mild forms of violence)Common Sense: 10+Qustodio: 10+ with parent present, 13+ in privacy mode Like many relatively unheard of apps, the Among Us game… Read more

by on 12-17-2020

How receiving likes, or not, affects kids’ self esteem, mood and mental health The power of "Likes" on the brain is tremendous. The brain’s response is similar to that obtained when making money. Every time we receive an acknowledgement through a like, our brain generates dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the sensation of reward, which is why… Read more

by on 12-07-2020

What Parents need to know about the negative effects of porn and how to protect young kids against accidental exposure to sexual content As access to the internet has skyrocketed for children and teens, so have concerns about access to potentially dangerous and developmentally detrimental content. Online pornography exposure certainly is near the top of the list… Read more

by on 12-03-2020

2020 was maybe the year we’ve been most grateful to technology. It’s really become a lifeline, connecting us to family and friends near and far, allowing us to share worries and concerns throughout this past year but also moments of happiness and hope.  Schools were closed for a good part of the year, and we were forced… Read more

by on 12-02-2020

Granted, it’s been a year like no other. But the holidays are a magical time for children. Let’s find ways to put the chaos of 2020 aside and make new traditions together to keep the festive spirit alive. If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s to make the most of the little things. For the time being,… Read more

by on 11-30-2020

Internet addiction disorder, video game addiction, at-risk/problematic internet use, pathological technology use. Whatever you call it, here’s how to know if your child is really a digital addict and what to do about it. Technology is a part of almost every aspect of a child’s life in today’s digital world and it provides many important benefits. Just… Read more

by on 11-23-2020

A Qustodio study looking into how the personal, digital and educational lives of children have changed during the pandemic, and what it means for their future. Centennials, the before and after of a generation marked by CovidToday, we released insights from our study: Centennials, the before and after of a generation marked by Covid based on a… Read more

by on 11-18-2020

What parents need to know about Houseparty to keep their kids and teens safe on one of the latest, must-have video chat apps.  RatingsApple: 12+Android: Parental GuidanceCommon Sense: 14+Qustodio: 13+ when privacy mode is on and location is off Houseparty, the video-chatting app founded in 2016, and acquired by Epic (the company behind Fortnite) in 2019, went… Read more