By on 06-12-2019

Neuroscience proves what every parent already knows: kids need to get outside and offline Most people have fond memories of their childhood summers. This is partly because human memory is selective–we are hardwired to remember the good over the bad–and because we are better at remembering things that break the routine of work or school. But it… Read more

By on 06-03-2019

What’s the best way to set healthy screen time limits for the entire family? It’s not so much about how long you’re online, but how you spend your time offline It’s hard enough to set screen time limits for your kids. With varying ages and what is appropriate in terms of time, content, and use of devices… Read more

By on 04-29-2019

A holistic child psychologist’s approach to being a good parent in the unchartered territory of the digital ageWhile every generation of parents complains they have it harder than the ones before, there is no doubt that parenting in the digital age brings about more and different challenges than those faced by our parents, grandparents, or anyone before.GenX or… Read more

By on 02-28-2019

How psychologists identify the problem and how to prevent this unhealthy habit Technology is everywhere and it has become a fundamental part of how we work, communicate, and play. Children grow up with it. They are digital natives. It’s now normal to see a child as young as two years old using their parents’ phone to scroll… Read more

By on 12-21-2018

クリスマス休暇の時期が近づいてきました。やることばかりなのに時間がなく、私たちは時に圧倒されて最も身近なものを無視し始めることがあります。でも、今回の休暇は違います。 テクノロジーが私たちの生活を楽にしてくれたことは否定できませんが、少々邪魔なものにもなりました。Qustodioでは、子供のころに感じた喜びや魔法を思い出してほしいと思います。少しストップして、陽気な休暇の感覚を楽しんでみましょう。 皆さんとお子様がテクノロジーから離れて、またお互いにつながる時です。私たちは、家族みんなが端末のプラグを抜き、画面を超えて一緒に時間を楽しめるようにすることを目標としました。 まずは、家族が一緒にできるクリスマス休暇アクティビティの楽しいリストをまとめました。お子様と一緒に塗り絵ができ、完了したアクティビティにチェックを入れられる印刷用のチェックリストもあります。それぞれのアクティビティには簡単な説明があるので、それに沿ってやってみたり、そこからアイデアをもらってご家族独自のアクティビティを作ることもできます。唯一のルールは、ご家族全員が一緒に過ごす時間を楽しむということです。 無料のクリスマス休暇アクティビティリストには下のボタンをクリック: 魔法を入手 楽しい絆の休暇をお過ごしください! Danielle Easton Read more

By on 08-09-2018

It’s getting near that time of year again! Summer has been fun and having the kids around has certainly made it easier to keep an eye on them. But what happens once they go back to school? New homework assignments and school projects mean they’ll be online more often. Once they get back into the old routine, they’ll… Read more

By on 03-13-2018

Here at Qustodio we love being part of great digital parenting initiatives. Congratulations to Singtel who launched Qustodio in Singapore as part of Surf School last month. It looks amazing! Singtel Surf School helps ensure the internet is both a safe and fun place for children to learn in Singapore and offers Singtel clients the opportunity to make… Read more

By on 12-04-2017

Qustodio is proud to participate in the ASEAN Child Online Protection Seminar in Malaysia on the 5th and 6th of December with Tune Talk. The Seminar is being organized by MCMC (the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) and participants will include Unicef and a whole host of industry leaders from the Telco industry. We’ll be there to spread… Read more

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Last week Qustodio reached the incredible mark of 1,000,000 users, an astonishing feat representing the successful validation of our story as a startup company and signaling the beginning of a new and exciting chapter as a global player. During the last 5 years since our official launch we have helped parents and organizations in over 240 countries across the world improve… Read more

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We are proud to announce our global partnership with SoftBank Group to make Qustodio available to telecommunication carriers all over the world. Check out our joint press release for details. Read more