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parental control software

Protect, understand & manage your children’s Internet activity with Qustodio

Easy to manage

Manage and set healthy limits on your children’s device time. Qustodio is flexible and intuitive and allows you to manage their activity from any location or device.

Manage and set limits

Advanced protection

Qustodio dynamically protects your children's web activity and participation in social networks. With Qustodio you can block any suspicious activity and get instant alerts.

Dynamically protects your children activity

Powerful analytics

A colorful online dashboard helps you understand your kids' activity online. See how they use the Internet, social networks, search, and applications.

Protect kids online

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It's universal

Works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

You can install the Qustodio application on any Mac, Windows PC, including Windows 10, and any Android devices using Google Play store.

Every device and every user account

More than one child in the family? Qustodio is multi-user and multi- device. Seamlessly setup Qustodio on as many devices as you need.

Key benefits

Block dangerous content and websites

Our smart internet filter scans web content in real time, meaning no site escapes our careful scrutiny, no matter how new it is. All sites, all pages, and all browsers.

Monitor your child's social network activity

Qustodio lets you monitor your kid’s activity on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo!

Manage your child's device time

Qustodio's time-tracking allows you to set daily device usage limits and how much Internet time to allow on both weekdays and weekends.

See and control games and applications

With Qustodio you can see helpful usage statistics about applications used by your children. You can also prevent any applications you want from running.

Monitor or Block Calls & SMS messages

With Qustodio, you can see who your child calls or texts most, and set a list of blocked or allowed contacts.

Track location and get emergency alerts

Use Qustodio to track your child’s location. In an emergency, your child can use our Panic Button to alert you where they are and that help is needed.