Making technology safe for schools

  • Intelligent Reporting
  • Dynamic Filtering
  • Unrivalled safety
Protect your students

Technology in the classroom doesn't have to be dangerous or complicated

With Qustodio implement 1:1 and use internet and devices in the classroom without risk. Our unique solution means you can see how devices are being used in real time, right down to search terms used. We also give you all the tools you need to manage.

Because what you don't know can hurt

Get full visibility on how students use devices and what they use them for so you can detect learning issues, poor performance, bullying, radicalization, family issues or other problems before it's too late. Protect your school as well as your students.

Understand more, manage better with Qustodio:

Intelligent Reporting

Full visibility of device use, right down to searches made

Dynamic Filtering

Students access what they need without overblocking

Hardware controls

Define what can be used and when on all platforms

Qustodio covers all your devices

Whether you use desktop or mobile or both, Qustodio offers you a simple to use management dashboard. Manage Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle and Chromebook seamlessly from one easy to use control panel.

24/7/365 protection at home AND school

Many schools have 1:1 programs and need to make sure the device is protected on and off campus. Qustodio does that and is already fully e-rate approved.

Qustodio goes further than MDM

Digital safety in schools should be more than pushing apps and creating block lists. Qustodio lets you see how students use devices and ensure the best, safest and most productive use of technology within an educational environment.

Intelligent reporting

Full visibility of app, internet, and device usage

Smarter web filters

Accurate dynamic content inspection means less work for you

One interface, all devices

Manage all devices from anywhere without complications

Better management

Granular reporting means you can optimise internet and device use

Safety first

Detect and pro-actively resolve issues before they become problems


Qustodio is already e-rate approved and helps ensure CIPA and COPPA compliance.

No upfront fees

With Qustodio you don't need expensive new hardware or to commit to a long term contract. Start to protect your students without cost with a free no obligation 14 day trial.

Large volume? Annual plans? Please contact us.