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Qustodio for Schools



Get full visibility over devices

Know what your students are doing online in real-time and be fully informed to proactively address potential issues. Intelligent reporting and a user-friendly dashboard show you how devices are being used and can even help to detect indicators of self-harm, addiction, bullying or abuse.

Schools dashboard
Web Filtering

CIPA compliant content filtering

Implement smart cloud-based content filtering on any device platform including Mac, Windows and Chromebook. Protect against external threats and manage students’ use of the internet and apps both on and off campus for CIPA compliance. Qustodio prioritizes online student safety and is e-rate approved.
Web Filtering


Can your school firewall do this?

Firewalls tend to be unfriendly for non-technical users, they offer very little detail at the individual student level, and generally work only on campus. Qustodio differs from a firewall because it protects devices 24/7, is customizable for an individual student or class, and provides visibility on how devices are used. It’s a multi-platform protection that works for BYOD and 1:1 schools as well as devices that stay on campus. Qustodio offers a simple way to make intelligent decisions without a need for expensive hardware.


Intelligent reporting

View aggregate activity or drill down to individual user activity

Smarter web filtering

With smart web categories, block inappropriate sites automatically

Apps & time controls

Decide which apps can be used and when in a few clicks

Scalable deployment

Deploy with a simple download or mass deploy with your chosen MDM

Flexible policies

Give each class, grade or student the access rules they need

Multi-platform protection

Seamless protection on Windows, Mac, Android, Chromebook, iOS and Kindle

Simple to set up, simple to use

Qustodio is an out of the box solution that filters, protects and monitors immediately once installed. Simple and intuitive, very little training and technical knowledge is needed to set up and manage Qustodio. Start protecting devices in a matter of minutes.
Classroom Management

Classroom friendly

Help teachers lead learning in classrooms and monitor student activity with a classroom management feature that works across all devices.
Classroom Management


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