Aug 17, 2015

4 must-do activities before back-to-school

Alas, the final dog days of summer have arrived. Before we know it, we’ll be setting the alarm early to pack lunches before sending the kids off on their first days of a new school year. Don’t waste these final precious days worrying over that, though. Instead, seize the day and make the absolute most of these carefree moments with your kiddos. Here are some suggestions for warding off the back-to-school blues and making what’s left of summertime count!

### 1. Take a spontaneous trip
Hopefully, you were able to get away as a family for a planned vacation at some point in the last few months, but why not just pick up and go someplace on a whim? After all, when can you decide to get away at the last minute during the school year? With no bedtimes or homework cramping your style, you’re free to explore! Is your summer budget blown? No worries—there are tons of things you and the fam can get into that are either cheap or completely free. Take a daytrip to a nearby city you’ve yet to visit, or spend some time at a local beach or lake. Whatever you do, make it spontaneous and fun!

### 2. Host a sleepover
School weeks are long and weekends are short, making sleepovers difficult during any other time of the year. Summer is the perfect time to host a sleepover without having to worry about bedtimes or needing to sacrifice precious family time during the weekends. Allow your kids to invite one or more friends, add pizza, and you’re all set for an evening of carefree fun!

### 3. Lounge around
What other time of the year can you justify staying in your PJs all day? Take this opportunity to lounge around the house with the family for a full day without even having to get dressed. Pop some popcorn, plop on the couch, and have a movie marathon, or simply hang around together. One of the perks of staying in your PJs is that no one’s tempted to leave the house! And don’t feel guilty—summer is nothing if not an excuse to be lazy!

### 4. Camp out
Nothing says vacation like a pitched tent and dinner over a fire, but even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, you can still experience the joys of camping. Whether you decide to rough it at a campground, pitch a tent in your own back yard, or simply drag some sleeping bags into the living room, camping out with the family is a bonding experience that only makes sense during the lazy days of summer. If you do decide to camp indoors, make it more authentic by switching off the television and imposing a technology ban for the evening. Break out the cards and board games, tell some scary stories, or make shadow puppets with your flashlights. After school starts, it will be back to school projects and extracurriculars. Take this time to enjoy the simple things—and each other!

The back-to-school routine with all of its ups and downs will return before you know it, so take the next week or so to relax, decompress, and enjoy everything the remaining summer days have to offer.

What summer activities will you be participating in before the back to school madness begins? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #SummersNotOver.

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