May 13, 2022

Calls & messages monitoring for iOS has arrived

Qustodio Team

Qustodio Team

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Texting has become a huge part of kids’ social lives. In fact, many even prefer it to in-person communication. While texts offer an easy way to stay connected with friends and family, parents are unsurprisingly concerned about the increased risks of cyberbullying and contact from strangers. We’re therefore very pleased to announce that you can now keep your kids even safer with calls & messages monitoring for iOS devices! You’ll just need your own Mac computer to do so – read on for everything you need to know.

About calls & messaging monitoring

This brand new feature gives you a complete overview of your child’s calls and messages. You can see who they’re calling (and who’s calling them), plus how long they speak for. As well as this, you can see the full content of the messages they send and receive – including both SMS and iMessages. All this information is easily accessible in your parent dashboard.

The benefits of calls & messages monitoring

Keeping an eye on your kids’ digital communication is all about keeping them safe from harm. Phishing scams, cyberbullies, predators, and threats such as online doxxing can thrive with so many different digital platforms available – causing worry for kids and parents alike. When you use calls & messages monitoring, you’ll be able to detect suspicious contacts immediately. This way, you can nip any problems in the bud, and open up conversations about staying safe online when your kids most need them. 

How it works

To activate calls & messages monitoring, you need a few things: a Qustodio Premium account, your own Mac computer, and your child’s iPhone or iPad. Once you have those, you’re ready to start. Download the Qustodio Calls & Messages app onto your Mac and follow the instructions on screen to set up monitoring for your child’s device. After you’ve completed that, head to your parent dashboard to see all the information you want.

We hope that this new feature helps you make sure your kids are staying safe in all their online interactions, while also making it easier for you to support their digital communication skills. 

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Want to know more? Our help center has plenty of info about setting up and using this new feature.

How can Qustodio help protect your family?

Qustodio is the best way to keep your kids safe online and help them create healthy digital habits. Our parental control tools ensure they don't access inappropriate content or spend too much time in front of their screens.