Meet a Qustodio team member: Diego Morales

First, tell us about yourself.
I’m Diego, and I work as a Mobile Software Engineer at Qustodio.

I grew up in a small town. When I was a child, my parents smiled sweetly at me when I told them I wanted to become an inventor. Later, when I was a teenager and got my first computer, they became a bit skeptical when they saw me spending so much time in front of it instead of meeting my friends or going outside. Although I was really doing all kinds of stuff, to them, it looked like I was playing videogames all the time. Luckily, I eventually managed to convince them to get an Internet connection, and that was the real break-through in my interest in computers.

I’ve always been into the arts and creative work and always loved technology the most. I found programming apps to be a perfect combination of both as you have an entire virtual world to shape however you like and create something out of it that can actually help people and make their lives easier (or just more entertaining!).

Apart from creativity and technology, I love my dog Trufa, Japanese food, nature, and having deep conversations late at night with good friends.

Why did you join Qustodio?
After meeting Josep, the CTO of the company, and getting to know Qustodio’s mission and vision, I saw an opportunity to get involved in an exciting project full of technological challenges. There was just one thing: I hadn’t had the chance to feel the real culture of the company just yet, but then something funny happened.

I was doing my interview in one of those fish-bowl meeting rooms. As I was speaking with Josep, I saw a team of people working hard on the other side. They looked very serious and focused, and I was wondering whether they were like that all the time. I kind of sensed a feeling of boredom in the air, but suddenly one of the guys took off his shoes and put his bare feet onto the table. He threw something to a colleague, started chatting with him, and a few moments later, both were laughing. That actually relieved me. After that, I just jumped in without hesitation!

What are you up to when you’re not working?
I fill my spare time with all sorts of activities. I love reading, taking long walks, listening to good rock music on my earphones, venturing into nature and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy going to the beach or just going shopping. I do enjoy creative work as well, so I also spend time drawing or writing and playing guitar or drums. I don’t watch much TV in general, but I fancy going out to the cinema or watching television series.

On weekends, I love taking time to do some slow cooking and just relax, lying on the couch and staring at the ceiling from time to time.

Tell us something random about you.
I’m terrible at orienting. I get lost all the time—really, wherever I am! I can go through a place three or four times and not remember the path.

Once I went with some friends to a nice mountain near Barcelona called Montseny. It’s about an hour and a half away from my hometown. We went by car, and I was driving. When we arrived, I felt victorious because it barely took me an hour and a half to reach it, and that meant I had chose the right roads and correct paths. We spent a nice hiking day across the mountain and went back home in the evening. I got lost, of course, and this time it took me almost three hours to get home. At least we saw a lot of new places!

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