Apr 12, 2013

Myths about Online Pornography

As parents, it’s our job to be informed about the threats to our child’s safety and innocence, both online and off, but when it comes to things like online pornography, many of us are in the dark. To help shed some light on this sensitive subject, we’ve listed some common myths about Web-based porn along with the facts you need to keep your children safe.

### Myth: Kids aren’t watching it

Most people don’t like to think about unpleasant things, and for parents, there are few things less pleasant than the idea that their children could be watching pornography online. The statistics speak for themselves, however:9 out of 10 school-aged children have seen porn online.This article from The Independent references studies reporting that 90% of kids ages 8-16 have come across pornography online.

### Myth: It’s difficult to access

If you’re not actively looking for pornography online, you might think it’s hidden somewhere in the deep web where children can’t get to it. Don’t we wish! In fact, your kid is just a couple of clicks away on sites like YouTube.The truth is that when your child is on websites like YouTube, they’re dangerously close to mature content including sexually explicit images and videos.

### Myth: If you tell them not to, they’ll listen

Surely once you muster up the courage to discuss the dangers of online porn, your child will heed your warnings, right? Well, not always. All kids are curious, and they sometimes break the rules. And the fact is thattalking about it isn’t always enough.Although establishing an open dialogue about Internet safety should always be the first line of defense, when it comes to protecting your child’s innocence, you can never be too careful. Be sure to equip Internet-ready devices with parental control software so that you can guarantee your child is shielded from mature content on the Web.

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