New Android features! Location Tracking and Calls & SMS Monitoring

If your child has an Android device, then you’re going to want to listen up because we’ve got some very exciting news for you! After much hard work, we’re thrilled to be able to offer you two new features that are going to transform your digital parenting!

### Location Tracking

We know how hard it is for parents as their child becomes more independent because, well, we’re parents too! Walking the fine line between hovering over your child’s every move and giving him or her the freedom to blossom into a self-sufficient adult can be a real challenge. That’s why we are so proud to offer our users (that’s you!) a tool that makes this transition a whole lot easier. With Qustodio’s new Location Tracking feature, you can give your tween or teen a little space to grow while still maintaining your peace of mind! Here’s how it works:

#### Mapping Your Child’s Device

From now on, you will be able to see the location of your child’s Android device on a map from Qustodio’s dashboard. That’s right—as long as your child is carrying his or her phone or tablet (and aren’t they always?), then you can see his or her exact location in real time. There are two ways you can view this location from the dashboard.

When you first log in to your family dashboard, you will see a new hyperlink below your child’s profile.

Family Portal Home Page

Clicking the link will take you to a map where you can see the precise location of your child’s device(s):

Location Tracking Map

From the activity timeline tab, you can track your child while he or she is on the go. The timeline is updated each time your child moves from one location to the next, enabling you to ensure that your child arrives safely at school on time and makes it to a friend’s house or to an extracurricular activity, for instance. Updates are time-stamped so you know exactly when your child leaves one place and arrives at another. Cool, right?

Activity Timeline

### Call & SMS Monitoring

Kids are using their devices in all kinds of ways, not just to access the Internet, so we wanted to give parents a way to monitor all of that activity, including texting and calling. Beginning today, you can log in to your family dashboard and see:How many outgoing calls your child is making and how long each call lastsHow many incoming calls and texts your child is receivingWhat time of the day (or night!) your child is talking on the phone and texting friendsWho your child is talking to (Premium feature)There are two ways you can view your child’s calling and texting activity.

To see a summary of your child’s calling and texting activity, simply click on the Activity Summary tab. You can see how many calls your child has made, how many texts were sent, and the total amount of time your child spent chatting and texting. This will come in handy if you want to start a conversation with your child about your data plan!

Activity Summary:Free Summary View

Activity Summary: Premium Summary view

For a more detailed view of your child’s calling and texting behaviors, click on the Activity Timeline tab. This is where it gets good! From the timeline, you can see exactly when calls were made and received as well as the precise time your child is texting. Very helpful if you notice your teen is a little groggier than usual and want to know why!

Activity Timeline: Premium Detailed view

Premium members can see more contact information such as the phone number associated with a call or a text, or if your child has the contact saved on the device, a name and possibly a picture as well! This is a great tool to help you stay informed about your child’s circle of friends.

As you can see, our development team has been hard at work for you, and we couldn’t be more excited for you Android users. And if your child doesn’t have an Android, don’t worry—we’re already working on these same features for iOS!

Note: You will need to update Qustodio for Android to the latest version in Google Play to enjoy Location Tracking and SMS/Calls Monitoring.

Head over to Google Play here and try out thesenew Qustodio features for free.

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