Podcast: Digital wellness with Georgie & Giancarlo

A conversation on digital wellness with Georgie Powell of Sentient Digital, and Giancarlo Pitocco of Purposeful Digital Wellbeing.

To celebrate the very first annual Digital Wellness Day, we brought together two of the leading experts in digital wellbeing to discuss what they know about maintaining balance in an ever more connected world. In this podcast Georgie and Giancarlo talk about what led them to the digital wellness movement, and what they think the future holds for our on and offline lives in a post-COVID-19 world.

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Digital Wellness Day 2020

The aim of Digital Wellness Day is to empower individuals, communities, and organizations with research-based tools and strategies to flourish in a digital age. COVID-19 presents a time where so many of us are living, working, studying and socializing in a virtual world. Digital Wellness Day 2020 presents an opportunity to highlight how technology can help us feel together, rather than apart – and illuminate the connective power of technology to enhance human relationships.

Now is a great opportunity to pause, reflect, and ask yourself if you’re getting the most out of your digital devices. Do you feel like you are flourishing in your digital life? Take the free digital wellness checkup now to find out!

Giancarlo Pitocco

Giancarlo Pitocco is an ex-Facebook/Instagram employee who studies tech’s impact on how we think, feel, work, and communicate. Now, through his company Purposeful Digital Wellbeing, he’s on a mission to help families and teams reclaim their attention, wellbeing, and lives from the powerful grips of distractive technology. His seminars, classes, and consulting programs have been sought out by organizations like The World Economic Forum, NYC Department of Education, Spotify, Facebook, the NYC Mayor’s Office, and Common Sense Media.

Georgie Powell

Aside from being a busy mom, Georgie Powell is CEO of Sentient Digital, which provides consulting and support to organizations and researchers who are interested in the field of digital wellness. Georgie previously worked at YouTube before becoming conscious of her own technology use which inspired a move into the fast-growing and very relevant area of digital wellbeing.

To help families learn more about the effect of technology on their health and happiness, we recently released our first Digital Wellbeing Study – a data-based look at this important topic presented in an attractive, interesting way that we hope parents will find useful and easy to apply to their lives today.

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