Too Much Internet Restriction: Is There Such a Thing?

Modern day parenting is hard. As if it weren’t enough having to worry over keeping our kids safe in the real world, making sure they eat their vegetables and do their homework, we now have to keep a close eye on the ever-increasing number of devices they use to access the Internet too.

While parents have different opinions of how much Internet time is appropriate and exactly how their kids should use the Web, most take measures to keep track of their children’s online activities. It’s probably a safe bet to say that the majority of these parents worry that their kids are spending too much time staring at their gadgets, but could the opposite be the case? If we restrict our youngster’s web use too much, could they miss out on important lessons and opportunities?

We’re not suggesting that kids should have a free pass when it comes to technology, just that it’s an issue that deserves some thought. After all, just look at what this tech prodigy did with his time online.


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