What To Do If Your Child Is Using Facebook When He Should Be Studying

The social media phenomenon has taken the world by storm, and kids are no exception. Facebook, in particular, has become a global pastime with over 1 billion active users. Facebook guidelines allow anyone over the age of 13 to join Facebook, so school-age kids everywhere are flocking to the site in droves.

### Online Educational Resources Are Gaining in Popularity

But of course, social media websites aren’t the only ones kids can access online. High-tech youngsters are also finding the web to be a powerful educational resource. Nowadays, it is quite common for a teacher to have a class website where students can go to view assignments and deadlines, print study guides, and access resources to help them prepare for an upcoming test. This educational use of the Internet has proven to be very effective for many students, but it can present a problem for parents. After all, how do you know if your kid is actually using the Internet to study when he says he is? What if he’s chatting on Facebook instead?

### Is Your Child Really Studying Online?

Although as parents, we would like to believe that our children tell us the truth all the time, but many a parent has discovered that this is not always the case. Kids can be sneaky, and they can also be clever. So, how do you know that your child is really studying online when he says he is? Ask yourself the following questions:

– Are his grades improving or declining?
– Does he act suspicious when you walk by his computer?
– Have you seen which specific study resources your child is using on the Web?
– Does your child seem suddenly eager to “study” these days?

### How Can Qustodio Help?

Even if you can answer these questions with any degree of certainty, you still have no way of knowing for sure whether your child is actually using the Internet to study when he says he is. That is, unless you have Qustodio. Our instant email alerts can notify you when your child logs onto a social media site like Facebook.

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That way, there will be no question as to whether your child is actually studying online when he says he is or goofing off instead.

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