Keep your kids safe on YouTube

Worry less with YouTube Monitoring from Qustodio

Did you know that watching videos on YouTube is the main activity for kids aged 5 to 11, and one of the main activities enjoyed by all kids up to age 17? Or that YouTube is the most used social network for kids aged 5 to 14 in Spain and all kids in the U.S? Kids with iOS devices spend a huge 40% of their time on YouTube, while 25% of active kid’s devices report browsing activity on

With this data collected from recent surveys in mind, Qustodio is very pleased to announce YouTube Monitoring! We have been working hard on a fantastic new way for parents to monitor their children’s experience on popular video site YouTube to keep them safe from inappropriate and harmful content.

What can you expect from the YouTube Monitoring feature?

  • View what videos your kid watches on the YouTube Android app.
  • View more detailed information about videos your kid watches on on Mac and Windows.
  • View what your kid searches for on the YouTube Android app and

For more details on how to use YouTube Monitoring Beta, read our help article.

Enjoy added peace of mind knowing that your child is not accessing harmful content. What’s more, this feature is completely free!

And it gets better if you’re a Premium user! Set healthy time limits to combat screen addiction and block or allow access to the YouTube Android app in the new rules section called YouTube Monitoring.

YouTube Monitoring is currently available for YouTube activity generated on Android, Windows and Mac devices, and will later be rolled out to include other devices too.

To try out our new feature, simply make sure you have the latest version of Qustodio installed on your own Android device, and your child’s Android, Mac and Windows devices. Next, log in to your account, go to your child’s timeline and start monitoring all their YouTube activity!

If you don’t have a Qustodio account yet, create one now and try out our new YouTube Monitoring feature!

Qustodio dashboard | kids screen time

How can Qustodio help protect your family?

Qustodio is the best way to keep your kids safe online and help them create healthy digital habits. Our parental control tools ensure they don't access inappropriate content or spend too much time in front of their screens.