Mar 7, 2013

Your Kids and Tablets: How Young is Too Young?

Experts have long warned that TV is bad for kids under the age of 2, but what about apps? Are there different rules for tablets and Smartphones? With the proliferation of gadgets designed to turn a stroller or even a potty into an interactive play place for tots, it would seem so.

Like most issues involving parenting and child development, there are opposing views on the subject. While some experts think educational apps are fine for toddlers, others say 4 or 5 is the right age to introduce a youngster to handheld devices.

Despite these varying opinions, the facts speak for themselves. A study conducted by Common Sense Media revealed that 39% of kids ages 2-4 have used a tablet or Smartphone to play games or watch videos.

Some say it’s too soon to judge the impact of these digital interactions on young kids. What do you think? Do you let your toddler play with your tablet? Does he have his own?

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