Build a safe digital environment with Qustodio

Qustodio provides concerned parents smart tools to help supervise kids online.

More connected than ever

Children are getting started with tablets and smartphones earlier than ever.

  • 16% of kids ages 3 to 4 have their own Tablet

  • 44% of kids ages 5 to 15 have their own Tablet

  • 32% of kids ages 8 to 11 have their own Smartphone

Source: Ofcom - Digital Day 2016. Results from the children’s diary study

Balancing kids' screen time can be a struggle

Kids spend more time connected than ever before. Child psychologists are reporting more and more cases of screen addiction.



Daily screen time for kids 5 to 7 averages 4:30 hours



Tweens 8 to 12 average 6 hours/day screen time



Teens spend upwards of 9 hours per day connected

Qustodio helps parents create healthy online habits for kids.

Source: Common Sense Media and Huffingtonpost

Their Digital World is not threat-free



34% of middle and high school students have experienced cyberbullying



41% of kids have contacted dangerous or undesirable strangers



31% of kids have sent or received messages with sexual content

Source: -

Build a safe and productive digital environment with Qustodio

Qustodio provides powerful monitoring tools and parental controls for screen time, adult content and games.

Keep them Safe

Our smart web filters can block inappropriate content automatically.

Keep them Healthy

You can set device time schedules to make sure your kids unplug.

Keep them Focused

Limit games that may be really addictive and block the ones that aren't for kids.

Stay in the Know

When your kids know you're in the know, it makes it easier to talk to them.

Learn how it works

Designed to solve parents’ concerns

Qustodio gives parents visibility, and creates daily opportunities to talk with kids about their online experiences.

Why Parents Love Qustodio

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  • Easy to use Easy to use and reliable solution for parental control

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  • Great for study breaks. Works in incognito perfectly, blocking any and all websites that I choose to find distracting.

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