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Parental control made easy

Technology that works for you

Qustodio is parental control designed for today’s busy, web-savvy parents. No hardware, no complicated setup—just a simple, web-based dashboard that gives you the info you need at a glance. Whether your kids use the family computer, personal laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, Qustodio is there to set healthy limits, block questionable sites, and keep kids safe. You’ll see the apps your kids use, the searches they conduct, the social sites they visit, and the people they hang out with online.

Technology that works for you

Get the whole story

Qustodio’s colorful dashboard condenses each child’s Internet activities into easy-to-scan charts and graphs. You can also access daily timelines for minute-by-minute details on your child’s activities, plus a full record of the potentially harmful apps, websites, and social profiles your child interacted with. And because Qustodio can run invisibly on any device, no one needs to know it’s there.

The story told like never before

It’s Automagical

Round-the-clock supervision doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Just select the sites you wish to block, choose time limits for online activities, and Qustodio does the rest. Every time your child uses devices, Qustodio is there to protect and monitor—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s Automagical

You’re in control

Qustodio puts full control in your hands. For each child in your family, you choose the sites or site categories they can and can’t access. You choose when they can access the Internet, and for how long. And you decide whether to shut down Internet or device access once they reach that limit.

Always under control

Wherever you are...

A hectic schedule keeps you on the go, which is why Qustodio lets you check in on your kids from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on each child’s activities and even manage permissions from your remote location.

Available from anywhere

Superior features

  • “Smart” web filters

    Protect your kids from new and potentially harmful sites that slip past ordinary monitors. Qustodio’s “smart” technology filters new, uncategorized sites with a sophisticated algorithm that works across all web browsers.

  • Social monitoring

    Kids spend so much time on social networks like Facebook that it’s essential to monitor online social activity. Qustodio helps you keep your kids safer by showing who they are friends with and what type of content is being shared.

  • Access controls

    Use Qustodio’s simple controls to customize each child’s Internet experience. You can block specific sites, set healthy time limits, limit access to certain days or times of day, and enable “safe search” to block harmful sites from search results.

  • App monitoring

    Is your child using applications such as Word, Excel, and StudyMinder to improve their grades? Or are they spending too much time playing video games and chatting with friends online? Qustodio shows you which apps they use and how long they use them for.

  • Location Tracking

    Qustodio’s location monitoring feature tracks your child’s location in real time, ensuring that you’re always aware of his/her whereabouts, no matter what time of day or night.

  • Panic Button

    In case of emergency your child can activate a special SOS Button on their smartphone. You and your trusted contacts will get an “I need help” message from your child with location information.

  • Calls & SMS Monitoring and Blocking

    With Qustodio, you can see who your child calls or texts most, and set a list of blocked or allowed contacts. You can easily limit calls and texts to family members or block unwanted callers.

  • Multiple users & devices

    Qustodio lets you create multiple accounts so you can customize each child’s Internet experience. You can also monitor and control as many devices as you need to. No matter how your kids choose to access the Internet, you’ll be able to keep them safe.

  • Web-based dashboard

    At the office, on the road, or halfway across the world: wherever you are, you can check in on your kids using Qustodio’s convenient, web-based dashboard. Just log in from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Activity reports

    See exactly what your kids are doing with Qustodio’s activity reports. All the info you need is presented in clear, easy-to-read charts and graphs. Choose the day, week, or month setting to see everything they’ve been up during that time period.

  • Danger alerts

    Relax knowing Qustodio monitors all questionable activities on the web and can send you alerts if your child visits a potentially harmful site. You'll also get a daily report on activities by email.

Advanced protection

Safer search

Eliminate search results that lead to websites with mature or adult-themed content with Qustodio’s optional "Safe Search" setting.

Safer search

Safer surfing

Qustodio’s dynamic content inspection capabilities protect your kids from reaching harmful sites, even when the sites are too new to have reached the blacklist.

Safe search

Safer blocking

Most content blockers only prevent access to the website homepage, leaving inner content accessible. Qustodio blocks the entire website—every single page.

Safer blocking

Safer socializing

Qustodio shows you who your child is friends with on social networks and what type of content they’re sharing. Worried about cyberbullying or suspicious of new friends? Qustodio can help you identify issues before they become problems.

Safer socializing